What equips me for this work. My love for the human spirit (my own and others') calls me into therapeutic work. I was born into war-torn Cuba during the Castro Revolution and as a young child witnessed the brutalities of war. At age 5, I was stripped from parents, siblings, country and was airlifted to America.

Whom I work with. My life has been marked by the Exile, for whom losses of secure Home elicit cries for true identity and belonging. This informs my bilingual therapeutic work with displaced peoples, separated families, children of foster care, and individuals who have suffered loss and trauma.

How I work. Having walked through a few Infernos myself, I've come to trust psyche's ability to rediscover life after death and meaning after loss. The therapeutic relationship makes possible the transformation of trauma and painful emotions, encouraging a creative renewal of purpose and meaning in a person's life.

What I believe. I believe that to fully live, we need symbolic vision that brings meaning to the ups and downs of life. My work is guided by Jungian psychological ideas of a creative unconscious that is ever working towards a unique destiny in the individual, revealing itself through imagination, dreams, and passions.

  Lourdes Hernandez MA Depth Psychology, Jungian Analyst Cand.

  Lourdes Hernandez
MA Depth Psychology,
Jungian Analyst Cand.

I view it a sacred experience to accompany another through their journey into soulful meaning-making.



I began my training as a Jungian analyst in Zurich, Switzerland in January of 2015. Returning to the United States, I continued my analytic training with IRSJA (Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts), a rigorous 5+year training institute for Jungian analysis in North America.

I am completing a second master's degree in Counseling in December 2017 from Regis University in Denver.

I received a Master's Degree in Jungian & Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. It was while pursuing a PhD in Depth Psychology that I realized I wanted to work with psyche, not solely write or lecture about it. After completing a master's degree, I moved to Zurich to train as a Jungian analyst.

I earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a double major in Sociology and Fine Arts. After graduation, I began a master's program in Counseling and transitioned to seminary studies, graduating with a Ministerial Hermeneutics certification.